Car Accident Claims 101

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Course Description

This course was recorded on September 21st, 2017

In “Car Accident Claims” attorney Richard Rizk first defines the universe in terms of available insurance coverage under your own policy (or the policy of the driver of the vehicle you were in). He then addresses common coverage sticking points, insurer tricks, rookie mistakes, and how to create a persuasive medical record. He then walks students though several common transportation crash scenarios. He concludes with tips on how to get the very best motor vehicle injury claim resolution.

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  • Richard Rizk
    Richard is the senior lawyer at RizkLaw, an Oregon plaintiff personal injury & insurance, law firm he founded in 2001. Richard passionately seeks justice for everyday people in the context of serious injury and denied insurance claims. Richard believes that success as a personal injury lawyer requires passion, a deep understanding of insurance and readiness to try every case. Mr. Rizk has resolved over $15M in claims.

    Contact Richard Rizk

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    1. Your Insurance Benefits
      1. The Declarations Page
      2. PIP Medical
      3. Med Pay
      4. Wage Loss
      5. Uninsured Motorist
      6. Underinsured Motorist
    2. Coverage Issues
      1. When policy provides less coverage than law requires
      2. Family member exclusion
      3. When my insurer admits fault, but I disagree
      4. Repayment of meds paid by health insurer
    3. Medical Issues
      1. PTSD
      2. Neurological injury
      3. Alternative care
    4. Scenarios
      1. Fatality
      2. Dealing with the other insurer
      3. Prior accidents
      4. Fault disputes
      5. Injury lenders
      6. Airbag malfunction
      7. Police Investigation
    5. Alternative Transportation Crashes
      1. Semi- Truck
      2. Bicycle
      3. Motorcycle
      4. Rideshare
      5. Public Transportation
      6. Taxi
    6. Claim Resolution
      1. Five reasons insurers low ball
      2. Claim Value

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