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About Dean Schweitzer, D.D.S, J.D

Why am I passionate every day about my law practice? Because I thrive on being there for people who need support, answers, and an advocate. I take great pride in providing people who are facing legal problems with a safe harbor when they otherwise are not sure where to turn. Legal issues can be daunting, overwhelming, and even scary. People facing these issues want someone to listen, someone who cares, and someone who can help. Being that lawyer for my clients is why I do this every day with pleasure.

With over 35 years of combined experience in the fields of law, dentistry, business, real estate, finance, and aviation, I have the education and knowledge to assist my clients in a personalized and attentive manner that is comprehensive yet comforting. When dealing with legal concerns, my clients know that I am always available and willing to communicate with them to ensure their complete understanding of the matter at hand.

Unlike bigger law firms that rarely provide their clients with the individualized client experience that they desire, I am always there to let my clients know that their issues matter and to ensure that they receive the attention they deserve. Let’s face it – most people do not like lawyers. And I get it. But I am not like most lawyers.

PRIVATE PRACTICE – Dental Malpractice Litigation
Private Practice of Law │ 2014 to present │ Valencia, CA

  • Practice exclusive to Plaintiff dental malpractice actions
  • Admitted to State Bar of California │ 2009 – present
  • Admitted to all California State Courts
  • Admitted to Central District Court


  • State Bar of California │ State Bar Number 297165
  • California Board of Dental Examiners │ License Number 28618
  • California Board of Realtors │License Number 01036886
  • Schweitzer CV, March 1, 2020
  • Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System │License Number 334845
  • Federal Aviation Administration │License Number 2761355


  • University of California, Los Angeles │ 1975
  • Northwestern University Dental School │ 1979
  • Degree: Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • University of Southern California │ 1981
  • Certificate of Pediatric Dentistry
  • Northwestern California University School Law School │ 2013
  • Degree: Juris Doctor

Contact Info:

Phone: 661-312-4196


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