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About Natalie Hedman

Ms. Hedman is an Oregon Family Law Lawyer who specializes in child custody disputes, divorces involving spousal support, child support, business division, retirement division, and real property rights. Ms. Hedman is also very experienced in family law issues involving a child’s safety and often works with immediate danger orders and status quo orders, defending either side of family abuse restraining orders, elder abuse restraining orders and sexual abuse restraining orders. Beginning 2009, Ms. Hedman worked as an adjunct professor and sole practitioner. Ms. Hedman joined the Gresham Family & Bankruptcy Law Firm in May, 2012 and has continued her growing her legal practice specializing in family law. Ms. Hedman has shown a commitment to working with issues involving access to justice to persons who cannot afford legal representation and enjoys offering pro se coaching to persons who cannot afford hiring an attorney for full representation.  Natalie was appointed in 2016 as a Oregon State Bar Pro-Bono Committee Member and continues to work with this Committee.  Ms. Hedman also was the 2012 recipient of the Michael E. Haglund Award for displaying a special commitment to Legal-Aid’s Domestic Violence Project and Family Law Pro Se Clinic. Ms. Hedman continues to regularly volunteer for Legal-Aid’s Domestic Violence Project.

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Phone: 503-660-3089


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