Ning Zhang

About Ning Zhang

Ning specializes in cross-border transactions. In her close to ten-year legal career, she spent half of her time in China and half in the U.S. helping clients investing in China or U.S. through green field investment, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, PE/VC financing, among others. She is also experienced with commercial bank transactions in the U.S.

Selected Transactions:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Represented a major U.S. high tech company in strategic acquisitions of various companies or assets, involving deep learning, cloud technology, CDMA business, etc.

Represented Google Capital in a proposed acquisition of an online education site in China (not closed)

Represented Hepalink, a Chinese company listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, in its acquisition of its competitor in the U.S. and its investment in a medical fund in the U.S.

Represented ICBC in its acquisition of a Taiwan commercial bank

Represented owners of a Chinese hospital restructure its business in a sale to a British strategic investor

Represented and participated in a number transactions where the U.S. investors disposed their interests in Chinese entities

  • PE/VC Financing Deals

Represented certain medical fund in China to invest in various U.S. companies in Pre-IPO rounds

Represented a well-known U.S. pharmaceutical company in its investment in Chinese pharmaceutical companies through its fund in Asia

Represented Chinese investors in Series F investment in AirBnB and Uber

  • Joint Ventures

Participated in about ten joint ventures or strategic alliance projects in various jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Cayman Islands, BVI and U.S.

  • Commercial Banks

Assisted ING to form its representative office in the U.S.

Participated in more than 20 commercial banks' debt issuance or public offerings

Contact Info:

Phone: (650) 999-0227


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