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Raphael E. Lapin is a Harvard-trained negotiation, mediation and communication specialist who serves as negotiation consultant to Fortune 500 corporations and governments globally. He has demonstrably helped clients increase revenue and growth opportunity through optimized negotiation strategy. With his advanced and experienced dispute resolution skills, he has also saved both corporate clients and individuals the enormous costs of conflict and litigation. He is principal of Lapin Negotiation Services and Adjunct Professor of Law at Whittier School of Law where he is responsible for the negotiation and mediation programs. Raphael received his training at Harvard Law School and was accepted as one of only 24 candidates nationally to attend Harvard Law School's Advanced Negotiation Program, which he completed in 1996. Born and raised in South Africa, educated in the United Kingdom and having consulted extensively in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Raphael brings an international richness and cultural understanding to his work, an asset in today's world of globalization. Negotiation Experience Raphael started his company 1996. He has since negotiated a broad range of transactions and mediated disputes encompassing the areas of intellectual property, construction, defense, business, employment, medical malpractice, labor union issues, elder and family law and conflicts involving multinational components where cultural differences often play a key role. His driving philosophy is to help parties search for creative and innovative solutions that resolve the differing needs to their satisfaction while strengthening the ongoing business relationship to the extent possible.

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