Bryana Cross Bean
Attorney Bryana Cross Bean
About Bryana Cross Bean

Helping people protect their future is her passion. This is achieved by giving clients the legal means to secure the safety of their property, portrait family, finances, and health care needs. Not only does Bryana have a strong background in the law, but she also has a strong background in medical and science terminology, as well as how the U.S. healthcare system operates. This means that she can better assist clients in elder law, estate planning, and probate, due to her understanding of basic disease processes. Bryana’s background in history and attention to detail act as an asset in her practice of real estate law.


As an undergraduate, Bryana attended the University of Washington and earned Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and History.  She stayed in Seattle for law school and earned her law degree from Seattle University. Bryana then passed the Washington State bar examination and is currently a licensed Washington attorney in good standing.