Connie Allison
Attorney Connie Allison
About Connie Allison

Connie is a former litigator and family law attorney now in a primarily transactional practice. She advanced training through two graduate law degrees; her first LL.M is in Taxation with a focus in Estate Planning, and her second LL.M is in Business Transactions with a focus on Corporate Finance and Intellectual Property.

Connie’s litigation experience has enhanced her advanced transactional practice in several ways that set her apart from other attorneys. Her family law background allows her to create unique trusts and estate plans to keep family assets in the family; if you are considering setting up trusts for your children and grandchildren, this sort of protection can be critical. Prenuptial, post-nuptial and other relationship contracts are important for modern couples and families. Connie’s experience in the courtroom allows her to predict how a Judge might interpret a specific provision in a contract or business document, and to make those provisions so clear that there is unlikely to ever be a dispute – preventing problems is the goal, but if disputes cannot be prevented, it is important to make sure that everything possible has been done to ensure the dispute will be resolved in your favor. Lastly, litigation has taught her that the importance of intent and clear language if the document is not clear (preferably it will be in English and not “legalese”) the person signing the document is likely not to understand it, and the person creating the contract may later be misunderstood. Always understand everything you sign – there are no exceptions.

Connie has the advanced legal expertise to deliver a broad, comprehensive range of advanced legal services to individuals and businesses, and she loves practicing law in a personal way. Connie enjoys getting to know her clients and their businesses; She believes that every client and every business has its own unique needs and challenges which must be considered to give you the security you need and the best outcome possible.