Gary Wells

Gary began his professional career in 1985 after obtaining a B.B.A. in accounting. He immediately passed the national exam and worked as a C.P.A. for several years. He earned his law degree in 1991 and began practicing law in California and later in Texas. During his more than twenty-seven years of practicing law, he has represented businesses and individuals in a wide range of legal areas, including tax and regulatory issues, civil litigation, estate, and business planning, family law, and pursuing appeals in state and federal courts.  He is the author of the extensive, two-volume set on firearm laws, volume one covering federal laws and volume two covering Texas laws.  He has also authored several articles regarding firearm laws for the firearm-owners’ community.

Contact Info

Phone: (940) 222-6993
Monday: 9am - 6pm ET
Tuesday: 9am - 6pm ET
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Thursday: 9am - 6pm ET
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