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Gordon K. Sattro has spent years working with brilliant entrepreneurs, inspired entertainers, and aggrieved litigation clients. Mr. Sattro worked for a number of firms and corporations throughout his years, including one of the most sought-after corporate firms in the country. Mr. Sattro is able to uniquely combine his experiences from the boardrooms of Los Angeles and the disputes on Hollywood sets to ensure a full suite of services are available to meet the needs of his diverse clientele. Mr. Sattro found that in order to best serve his entertainment and business clients he had to bring together a team of individuals that had complementary practice areas in order to serve as a full solution to their legal needs. These three practice areas intersect with several others. This made him eager to cultivate his own practice, one that would effectively intersect his expertise in the business arena with the interests of those in the entertainment industry. Mr. Sattro believes that what wins a case and what makes a creative business thrive is the passion that drives it. Mr. Sattro brings that passion every day to Sattro Law Group.


Gordon K. Sattro has been working in the entertainment industry since the early 2000s. Throughout this time, he has represented actors, directors, writers, producers, singers, songwriters, and DJs.

As the Founding Partner of Sattro Law Group, Mr. Sattro gathered a team of great attorneys in order to provide a full suite of services to his entertainment clients. With his executive-level experience, he represents clients in transactions involving the development, financing, production, and distribution of home video, motion picture, television, music, and interactive entertainment projects.

Mr. Sattro understands first-hand the day-to-day operating challenges and therefore has unparalleled expertise in taking a film to market or structuring a music licensing deal.

Corporate Law

As a former executive for a Fortune 500 company and a Director for Corporate Development and Strategy for another Fortune 500 company, Mr. Sattro honed the ability to impress people with his words and actions. By applying what he learned in the boardroom, he better able to service his client’s needs in a way many attorneys cannot, and hold the attention of the room when it is needed most.

Mr. Sattro has formed dozens of corporations, companies, partnerships, and non-profits, and has assisted them with their needs ranging from regulatory compliance to employment matters. As a active member of the Silicon Beach community, Mr. Sattro knows how to meet the needs of the start-up community and how to ensure that tech entrepreneurs can transition their business from and idea to an industry leader.


Mr. Sattro has represented numerous high-profile plaintiffs to realize success in the courtroom over a number of grievances over the past several years.

Successfully recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of his clients, Mr. Sattro knows how to assess a litigation matter put before him, how to strategize a speedy and satisfactory settlement, and, when necessary, litigate a matter in trial to ensure their client is made whole. Whether it is a high profile matter requiring media appearances, or a confidential arbitration matter, Mr. Sattro has the competence and knowledge to assist his clients in these diverse and challenging environments.

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