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Joan is licensed to practice law in Virginia and New York, but her trademark docket includes clients from all over the U.S. Her practice concentrates on intellectual property transactions in the areas of entertainment, arts, publishing, music, fashion and luxury goods law. Joan’s background gives her a unique perspective of the literary and fashion law landscapes. The book she co-authored, Feng Shui Love, hit the “Chick-lit” world with complementary merchandise and design lines. Her experience in the fashion modeling industry landed her on the Katie Couric show. The episode high-lighted the difficulties child models encounter and parental involvement in the their children’s careers.

Joan has a master’s degree in criminal justice and is a Virginia licensed private investigator. This background has proven valuable in working with authorities to have counterfeit goods removed from online sites such as E Bay. Joan was a law Clerk to the Honorable Harry L. Carrico, Supreme Court of Virginia. Prior to law school, Joan had a career as a certified mediator in Virginia and Florida where she successfully settled numerous civil cases.