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Mitchell A. Stone, P.A., is an AV-rated preeminent law firm* Mitch Stone is a Florida board-certified criminal trial lawyer*, a former state prosecutor and a frequent lecturer and serves on the faculty of many DUI and criminal defense seminars where he teaches other lawyers how to defend clients. He has successfully represented businessmen and women, doctors, lawyers, politicians, airline pilots, professional athletes and police officers in a wide variety of cases, including those involving murder, gambling, RICO, federal drug conspiracy charges, white-collar crimes, violent crimes, DUI, vehicular homicide and sexual offenses.

In addition to these professional credentials, attorney Mitch Stone has three decades of experience in the specific arena of criminal law, providing insight into the criminal justice system. He is a criminal defense lawyer respected by both federal and Florida courts, prosecutors and law enforcement officers. He is often able to resolve cases through negotiations, diversion and plea bargains to ensure his clients have options that do not expose them to unnecessary risks. However, he has developed a policy of “diplomatic negotiation while preparing for war” — Mitch Stone is at all times ready to go to trial if the process breaks down.

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