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Before joining The Law Collaborative, Ty was a satisfied client. Ty and his ex used one of the Law Collaborative’s mediators for their divorce because they had a small child and understood that ending the marriage would not end their relationship: They would be co-parents for the rest of their lives and they did not want the kind of divorce that would traumatize their child. Children of divorce are seriously damaged by having to make decisions like, “I just got my diploma, but my parents are sitting at opposite ends sides of the auditorium because they hate each other — who do I go to hug first?”

While Ty and his ex were able to have a quiet, dignified, and private divorce, the ultimate beneficiary was their daughter who got to grow up with cooperative co-parents and was spared the horrible toll that divorce courts inflict on children.  Divorce is almost always a traumatic experience but it doesn’t have to destroy families — it can be a tool for loving reorganization.

Before practicing law, Ty worked in entertainment as a talent agent and personal manager representing and developing talent, film projects, music acts, and even a headliner on the Vegas Strip.  As both an agent and a manager, Ty supervised and worked closely with attorneys negotiating talent contracts, option agreements, production deals, and music licensing.

But after his divorce, Ty realized he could help other families through that difficult process and better plan for their futures if he joined his father, a pioneer of Consensual Dispute Resolution, and became an attorney. With this realization, Ty started working as a paralegal in his father’s firm and enrolled in the California State Bar Law Office Study Program to begin “reading the law.”

After passing the First Year Law Student’s Exam, or “Baby Bar”, and later the “Big Bar” Ty was sworn in as a licensed attorney. Ty is thankful that California is one of the seven states that still provide an avenue to study and become an attorney on the traditional path followed by Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

Ty’s deep personal commitment to Consensual Dispute Resolution, his background in entertainment, and his non-traditional schooling provide great advantages to his clients.  Law schools focus on adversarial, Win-Lose approaches which are antithetical to Consensual Dispute Resolution.  By omitting the usual adversarial indoctrination from his schooling, Ty utilizes new solutions for conflict resolution, saving his clients time, money, and heartbreak.

Ty is a frequent contributor to the Los Angeles Daily Journal, a popular and dynamic speaker on legal issues, and an expert in the area of Gun Trusts. Ty is a member of WealthCounsel, has studied entertainment law at UCLA, and completed Advanced Mediation Training with Kenneth Cloke, J.D., Ph.D. at The Center for Dispute Resolution.

Ty’s practice encompasses all aspects of Family Law, including premarital and post-nuptial agreements, divorce, child support, child custody, alimony, adoption, and other family law matters. Ty also practices in all areas of estate planning including asset protection, wills and trusts, charitable planning, Gun Trusts, and healthcare planning documents. entertainment attorney.


  • Collaborative Family Law
  • Estate Planning and Asset Protection
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Arbitration, Mediation, and Case Management



  • California State Bar Law Office Study Program