CLE Course Information Example

Course Summary

Red tape can make foreign entertainers' performances a logistical nightmare. This course will cover the basics of visas and options for artists, entertainers and athletes from both a short and long term perspective. An overview of non-immigrant visas such as Os and Ps will be discussed in addition to immigrant options such as EB-1 and EB-2. Ethical implications of agents, self-employment, entity creation for purposes of petition, among other pitfalls will also be covered. Creative solutions / practice tips in this area will be discussed as well.

Key Topics

  • O visas - what is extraordinary ability? O-1A and O-1B
  • P visas - what is the difference between Os and Ps? Practical implications
  • EB-1 - extraordinary ability for an EB-1 vs for O-1
  • EB-2 - exceptional ability
  • B-1 - when to use it, but not to abuse it
  • From athlete to coach - strategic decisions
  • Drafting employment contracts for these visas - what to look for and what to avoid
  • Ethical issues / implications