Conflict Resolution Through High-Level Negotiation
Conflict Resolution Through High-Level Negotiation



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Course Description

This program was recorded on July 19, 2019

More than ever, negotiation skills can win a losing case, and lack of them can lose a winning case. People are complex and if you do not understand the concepts of human nature, you cannot prevail. Whether in your personal or professional life, its quality will be determined by how well you understand the people you encounter. A great negotiator, on the other hand, can tell someone to go to hell in such a way the person looks forward to the trip! This presentation will take you to levels you may have never thought of, and if you leave learning just one concept, it could be worth a priceless amount to you some day. This is an education no lawyer should be without.

Attorney Steven RiznykSteven Riznyk
Steven Riznyk is a high-level negotiator who runs an immigration and business law/litigation firm based out of San Diego. As a negotiator, he has resolved, inter alia, blackmail/extortion for a high-level political figure, international kidnapping of a federal agent’s son (both with no money changing hands), many relationship issues, and career destruction scenarios for doctors, lawyers, and actors. His natural talent in this area, combined with his education helped him create his own conflict resolution model. This same persuasive ability has enabled him to prevail in a myriad of business litigation and immigration cases that clients were informed were impossible to win.

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  1. 16 ways to spot a liar
  2. Understand why cognitive dissonance is dangerous to you (no good deed goes unpunished)
  3. 12 qualities of a great negotiator
  4. The background research you should conduct on your opponent
  5. Why the condition of someone’s car and shoes are critical for you to know
  6. Understanding the different types of persons and why one size
  7. Why business negotiation is harder than the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit’s work